Student of the Week: Enrique Berumen

Yes it is true, Enrique has fantastic hair.


Jerome High School- Enrique Berumen is an outstanding student at our Jerome High School. He is part of many sports and student council. We asked him what he specifically does for, and with Jerome High School. Enrique said, “I ran cross country for my first time ever this year and I plan on doing it next year. I am probably going to do baseball this spring along with track. I like school and think it’s fun because I get to help others in the student council group. My job as a student council member is the “Spirit Leader”. Basically, I make all of the dress up days, shirts for the Battle of the Bridge, etc.” 

Battle of the Bridge is an event to whether or not Jerome or Twin Falls get the bridge. This year, Jerome won the bridge for the second year in a row. The shirts that Enrique makes are to spread awareness about the Battle of the Bridge. He also makes all of the fun, and exciting dress up weeks and days for JHS. That is right, he makes the Pajama days!

Enrique is going to continue doing track and cross country through the school, and baseball like he normally does outside of school in the springtime. Yup, we got an athlete on our hands. He has been part of the Student Council since Freshman year, Enrique is now a junior in highschool.  

Enriques also talked about some of his favorite hobbies other than sports and student council. He said “I like to watch Criminal Minds and my favorite movie is called Pacific Grim. My favorite type of music is Indie music because it is vibey. My plans after highschool are to go to college for at least 2 years and enter the Police Academy. I manage my fantastic hair by showering, soaking all of the water out of it, and putting a hat on until it is dry.” Yes it is true, Enrique has fantastic hair.

For more insight on the Battle of the Bridge, it is an annual event between the two cities that are on each end of the Prime Bridge, Jerome and Twin Falls Idaho. The event is a football game between the Jerome Tigers and the Twin Falls Bruins. This year, Jerome won 14-7 against Twin Falls. This was our reward for the second year in a row. 

When Enrique says that he likes Indie music because it is “vibey”, he means that it is considered to be consciously deviated from the mainstream. This means that it is not very popular amongst many people. Recently, Indie music and the Indie culture itself has been getting more popular over time. That was our Student of the Week this week, Enrique Berumen, an athlete, a helper, and a person who has nice, and pretty stylish hair.