Tom Brady: Is His Career Coming to An End?


Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.. Is a 43 year old pro-foot ball player. He is the oldest active player in the NFL. Brady first started out on “Sept. 30, 2001: With Drew Bledsoe sidelined due to internal bleeding, Brady gets his first start: 13 of 23 for 168 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions in a 44-13 rout of Indianapolis in the first meeting between Brady and Peyton Manning” (

 According to, “Brady has amassed six Super Bowl rings, four Super Bowl MVPs and three NFL MVP awards during his prestigious career. He has, without a doubt, the single best legacy of any NFL football player in history.”  Although, after the Saints vs Buccaneers game on Sunday, a lot of fans are wondering, “Is Tom Brady’s career coming to an end?” As Brady gets older and enters his 20th season in the NFL, his statistics are declining. 

In 2005, Tom Brady’s stats: Completion of passes, 334. Passes attempted, 530. Yards gained by passing, 4110. Passing touchdowns, 26. 

In 2020 his stats are: Completion of Passes, 226. Passes Attempted, 346. Yards gained by passing, 2398. Passing touchdowns, 20. 

It may not be a lot, but the numbers have declined. Then again we are only on week 9, so with any luck, Brady has a better year. 

This year, Tom Brady left the Patriots to be a quarterback for the Buccaneers. He claims the reason why he left was because he was tired of dealing with Coach Bill Belichick. Tom Brady also has gotten a pretty bad reputation because of the whole Patriots phiasco in 2005 and 2015. In 2005, the Patriots were caught stealing their opponents play sheets. Once it was widely known that they were doing this, the other teams started putting out fake play sheets. In 2015, the Patriots were caught with slightly deflated footballs. This made it easier for the players to grip onto the ball. Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots didn’t admit to either actions. 

We talked to Cooper Scarrow about his thoughts on Tom.  The questions that were asked were, “Are you a fan of Tom Brady?” “How do you feel about Tom Brady’s statistics?” “How do you feel about him kinda taking a plunge this season?” “Why do you think Tom Brady Left the Patriots?” Cooper said, “Yeah, a little bit. I mean, he’s made some mistakes in the past. But I was kind of a humbling moment when he went from being a kind of a mean guy in the Patriots to humbling down and going down to the Buccaneers. And going with the worst team. His statistics are really good. I do believe he is one of the smartest quarterbacks there is in the NFL right now but I don’t know. He’s pretty good. I do feel like it’s because of the scenery and his coaching. He is trying to adapt to his coaching and staff. The different plays and the different wide receivers. I think his stats plummeted because of a different wide receiver change. He had the same wide receivers for like 6 years. I don’t know, maybe because he thought he needed a new change. Maybe go to a new team that needs some help.”