School Rock Vandalized “Trump 2020”


Jerome- On Monday, November 9, 2020 at Jerome High School the rock in front of the school was vandalized. Students going back to school after elections were surprised to see the school rock was painted saying “Trump 2020.” There were many reactions from students and parents over this vandalism. We can guess why the students who vandalized did this to get anger out of others. It should be common sense that the rock is meant to show love for our community. We asked Mr. Evans what he knew about the rock being painted and he said, “I had no idea that the rock had been painted. The students must have painted over it before we could even know. Since it was here when we came back on Monday I’m thinking the students did it during the weekend or in the morning before school. People are allowed their own personal opinions of course but we try our hardest to keep things like that off the rock because it causes big arguments with students.” 

The rock is used for uplifting students and it helps the community stay positive. This rock has been a tradition at Jerome High School for many years now. Typically the rock has happy birthdays to celebrate or even writing good luck to teams that go to state. To know people would vandalize this rock with their own political belief shows how immature some students can be. Yes, you have your own opinion and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but it also shouldnt be put onto a school rock. Students should keep political opinions off the rock just to make everyone happy. Some people including students, teachers, and parents as well could find this disrespectful in many ways.

We interviewed Jacque Ruvalcaba about her feelings and thoughts towards this incident and she said, “Personally I don’t like the fact that they painted that on the rock. I came to school on Monday and was welcomed by that which wasn’t a welcome to me at all. A lot of students didn’t feel welcomed by it either. I heard people say that they don’t feel safe when people do things like that because they just do it as a hate speech.  They did that just to get a lot of students mad. I believe everyone does have their own opinions but doing something like that is just taking it too far. It shouldn’t have happened at all and I hope it doesn’t happen again. Jerome High School is supposed to be a welcoming and safe environment but when things like this happen it doesn’t seem that way. It doesn’t feel welcoming because to most people Trump stands for racism.” 

Conflicts like this have happened before on the rock. Last year there was a big argument with the students of Jerome High School. There was a Mexican Flag painted on the rock and a couple kids decided to paint over it with an American flag. To prevent this in future we can take into consideration other people’s feelings. As teenagers we should know not to be immature and vandalize on the school’s property to get emotion out of people.