Favorite Fast- Food Joints

Favorite Fast- Food Joints

Jerome High School- This week, we interviewed people about their favorite fast food restaurants. First up, we have freshman, Adezra Nelson who says “I love the fast food restaurant Jack in the Box because of their spicy chicken sandwiches and egg rolls that taste so yummy. In my opinion, their customer service could probably and should be improved because most people that work at Jack in the Box look unhappy and aren’t very polite to their customers and guests. I do think that it is indeed fast food though because you can either stay and eat or go through the drive thru, which is super quick.”

Jack in the Box is a very popular fast food joint. The first Jack in the Box opened up in the mid 1950’s and as of 2017, there are over 2,200 restaurants on just the west coast side of America.  Their most popular product is their famous taco that is made out of soy meat and it is not vegan, but many people say it is, but it is surely NOT vegan. Jack in the Box originated from San Diego, California, a state that is famous for many other fast food joints as well. 

We then asked another freshman, Riley Gamboni the same questions. He answered with, “My favorite fast food place would have to be Sonic because the food there is always fresh and like really, really good. The customer service is great and the employees are super friendly and talk up conversations to make things less stressful while ordering. Now, I wouldn’t say it is always considered “Fast Food” because sometimes I have to wait a minute before I can get my food. This may and can be irritating but I am never usually in a rush when I decide to eat at Sonic. Although, there is quite a big difference between the Twin Falls Sonic and the Boise Sonic. The Twin Falls Sonic’s food is always fresh and employees are nice, but at Boise’s Sonic, the employees always have a bad, nasty attitude and their food is kinda gross.” 

Sonic was first founded and introduced in the year of 1953, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. As of 2020, there are a complete total of 3,591 Sonic locations in just the USA alone. Sonic is known for its outstandingly fun, retro theme. It is supposed to give off drive- in movies vibes and it has it’s carnival like inspired food. “Inspire Brands’ bought and now owns Sonic, they did this in the year of 2018. According to many customers, the top 5 items at Sonic are Mozzarella sticks, Tots, the Sonic blast, a Sonic cheeseburger, and last but not least, jumbo chicken popcorn. 

Now, we did research on the most popular fast food joint in the entire world. You probably won’t be surprised but it is McDonald’s. With over 38 thousand locations across the Earth, over 62 million people visit a McDonald’s restaurant every single day. McDonald’s is most famous for that’s right, you guessed it, French Fries. The second most popular item that is becoming more and more popular is their signature Big Mac.