Student of the Week: Brooklyn Morgan


Jerome High School- Every week, The Roaring Times picks a student that we think should be praised for their hard work, or we think their story needs to be told. This week at the Jerome High School, the Student of the Week is Brooklyn Morgan. Brooklyn is a Senior at JHS. She is an athlete for JHS and has an amazing senior project for this year. 

As a senior, Brooklyn has to do a senior project. For her senior project she said “I’m doing a fundraiser for a little girl in Twin Falls named Cosette Anderson and she has leukemia. So, I decided to customize bracelets and sell them for $5 a piece and all of the money will go to her family to help pay for her medical bills.” When we asked Brooklyn what inspired her to choose to help out with Cosette’s medical bills as her Senior project, she said “My freshman year, my travel softball team did braids for Cosette because before she had lost all of her hair she really liked braids. So our softball team braided our hair for her. Since then I followed her Instagram and decided, ‘why not do that for my Senior project?’.” 

When interviewing Brooklyn, she told us some of her favorite things. First, we asked her what her favorite show was, she said ”I really like Grey’s Anatomy.” We also asked her what her favorite food was, she responded with “I’m also a really big Italian fan. So I really like spaghetti, french bread and Pepsi.” 

We asked Brooklyn if she plays any sports. In response, she said “Yes. I am a softball player at Jerome High School. I play middle end field, so I play second and shortstop. Since she’s a softball player and most likely wants to play the sport in college, we asked her if she had any colleges in mind. She told us two different colleges. The first one was Grand Canyon University (GCU). She also said Boise State University (BSU) was one she was interested in too. Boise State University does offer athletic scholarships for softball. They are available for NCAA division 1, NCAA Division 2, NAIA and NJCAA.  Grand Canyon University also offers the same scholarships for students. Their softball program competes in the Western Athletic Conference at D1 level. 

As you can see, Brooklyn is a talented, sweet and caring person. She also has a great Senior project to help out Cosette Anderson. If you would like to help out with Brooklyn’s project, go buy the customized bracelets. To buy the bracelets, go to either Mr. Sorenson or Brooklyn. They are only $5 a piece and the money is raised for a good cause