COVID 19 hitting hard soccer


In the MLS soccer league there have been many players affected from COVID-19, players that get COVID can get quarantine too for 2 weeks or more just like us in the school. This virus really changes all the soccer leagues not just here in America but in Spain, England, France and so forth. After this virus came out the soccer games were better because there were people in the stadiums and that people make the soccer games every time that they scored they scream “GOAL!” like there was more adrenaline and more attraction to the games. Now with this virus there is not that much of adrenaline because we need affision in the games so that there can be adrenaline for the players.


I asked my friends some questions about COVID-19 in soccer. I asked them how they feel about soccer games not having fans in the stadium.  They tell me it feels a little boring because there is not that much action and there is less noise. The next question that i asked them was “Would you like to have fans in the stadium and they say “YES” and i asked them why? They told me “Because soccer games can be more cool and more fun to watch. I asked my dad the same questions but he answered me with different questions. I asked him about the affision that now it’s not in the games he tells me that the games were the same but more silence the only screams that I heard are the ones from the players and the coaches. The other thing about COVID is that the good players are getting the virus and the good players don’t play. The team gets weaker because the good players are missing and that can affect the good teams and have struggling winning games because the subs players can’t play like the starters and it makes it more harder to get a win. My favorite team the good players have COVID and now it’s hard for them to get a victory, but 2 of them are back tomorrow in the field and getting ready for the next game.


One of the best players in the world got tested positive for COVID-19 and he was out of the field for 2 weeks, he missed 2 of the games but when he came back to the field he scored 1 goal taking the victory of a 4-1 in italy.