Ask Alex!


Why do some friend groups leave out a person and act like they aren’t there.


Dear Natalie, 

Some people struggle with talking to some people about how they feel. If a group of people start leaving you out, it’s their way of explaining they don’t want you in that group anymore. They are trying to ghost you but don’t want to be blunt about it. In a way that hurts more. You can’t really do anything about it. You can talk to them and try to figure out why they are doing what they are doing. 

You can ask around to see if they said anything about what happened. From then you can figure out if you should stay with them or leave them and find a better group to be with. We are in High School. You may not talk to your high school friends after high school. You find others who are better. It really all depends on you and your friends and how you plan to spend the rest of your life after high school. 

I hope this helped! Just remember, if they are hurting you they don’t deserve your time. You need to find people who will be there for you through the thin and the thick, someone who won’t give up with you and deal with your crap!




Should you keep seeing toxic people family members just because they are family. – Marcos 

Dear Marcos

You should never keep toxic people in your life, even if they are family members. Toxic people can bring you down to your lowest point. They can make you feel worse than you make yourself. Anyone who makes you feel that way, shouldn’t be in your life. 


How do I get a close relationship with my brother- Tatiana 

Dear Tatiana

Talk to him more. Always be there for him. In order to have a good close relationship with anyone is to communicate. Without it you have nothing. You need to be able to trust them as well. With trust and communication you can have a good relationship with anyone. Be there for him and go to him if you have an issue. Small acts of kindness can make a person’s day. I will say though don’t go overboard. It can make you look like you’re trying too hard. Don’t rush in either. It’ll end up in a big mess. I hope this helped!


How can you tell if something “Likes” you- Adisynn 

Dear Adisynn

Sometimes it can be really hard to tell if someone likes you, but if you pay a lot of attention you can kind of tell. They will try to sneak glances at you. They may not talk to you out of fear of you not liking them. They are more likely to find routes around school or out in public to run into you as much as possible. If they are the more confident type, they’ll be hard core flirting, just be careful because some people have flirty personalities and it can be difficult to tell sometimes. Some things to look for include: they’ll make direct eye contact with you as much as possible. They’ll give you lots of compliments and do things to purposely make you flustered or blush.