2020 Election Results: Are People Happier?


Since the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential people have been celebrating the defeat of Trump. According to Monmouth University, “A third of the country is “happy” that Donald Trump lost the election – which is slightly more than the one-quarter who feels the same about Joe Biden winning.” A poll was made by the university and showed that 34% are happy and 18% satisfied that Trump lost, while 28% are dissatisfied and 10% are angry.  In addition, 25% are happy or 26% are satisfied with Biden victory, while 29% are dissatisfied and 15% are angry.  

For the Democrats and their supporters, this is good news that Biden won. According to BBC, who interviewed young Democrats around the country, many of those young Democrats have high hopes for Biden. They expect him to fix social issues, such as the mistreatment of black Americans. They also want him to bring the nation back to the Paris Agreement, an agreement within the UN that was created to avoid climate change. Weirdly, they also want Trump’s “reign of terror to end.” as Diana Gomez, a 31-year old of Texas, said. They also expressed their belief that everything will become better since Biden is not racist and misogynistic like Trump. 

Since there are Biden supporters, there also must be those who oppose Biden. Celebrities, such as Herschel Walker, Isaiah Washington, Stacy Dash and more support Trump because, according to Walker, he can “represent the whole country.” According to Stephanie Muravchik and Jon A. Shields, both historians and authors of modern day America, there were some Democrats that supported Trump this year. This is because they believed that Trump would, as stated in their book, “Trump’s Democrats”, “revitalize their struggling hometowns” and create jobs and help businesses in their communities. Even Trump’s former political opponent to the 2016 presidency Ted Cruz supports Trump and defends his claims of election fraud, “I believe President Trump still has a path to victory,” he said.