Fair Pay for Women!

Fair Pay for Women!

Fair pay is a controversial topic. Whether it’s men getting paid more than women or other races getting paid less than others, it is a fact that a white males get paid more than everyone else. A study done in 2013 says women working full time earn $706 a week while men working part time earn $860. While you think about it, realize women have to work full time while men can work part time and still get paid less. Men and women can work the same job and put the same time and effort into it and women still don’t get paid the same. Whether you have the same degree as a male you still get paid the unequal amounts. 

Studies show that for every dollar a man makes a woman only makes 81 cents. When you think about it some people may think it’s not that big of a deal or it doesn’t matter but it’s really not fair. Think if the roles were reversed and a woman made more money than men how quickly that would be stopped. The missing 19 cents that women lose really adds up over time. The gap for loss of money has gone up from 2015 of only making 74 cents for every dollar but it should be equal. 

Racial pay is a big money gap as well. White men make more money than any men of color. For every dollar a white man makes American Indian, Africa American, and Hispanic men only make 75 cents. They lose 25 cents every dollar which adds up big over time. 

While women and men separated pay is the biggest unequal pay talked about some women get paid more than others. Women of color start out way further behind in pay. If you thought a white woman’s unequal pay was bad a woman of color started only making 61 cents for every dollar a man makes. They make this much while working the same time as a white female and while working full time compared to a white man. 

We interviewed a student at Jerome High School, Natalie Parada and she said, “I think everyone should be paid the same. Women have always had to work hard for equality and still don’t get full equality. People of color have to put in more effort to get paid more than white people. The pays should be equal for everyone. Knowing that I get paid less than others while doing the same job just seems crazy to me. We get told everyone is treated equally but unequal pay is just one of the things that prove that we don’t all get treated equally. ” 

We also interviewed a student at Jerome High School, Jada Bos and she said, “I think it should just be equal for everyone. Whether being different races or gender. Everyone works hard at what they do so they can get paid.”