Apple Vs. Samsung


There are many different kinds and brands of the touch screen, cellular devices we use today. The most popular ones are the Apple iPhones and the Samsung Galaxies. Well there are of course pros and cons for both of them but we asked two students to answer a few questions on which one they prefer. First up, Amara Linam said, “ I like Apple more because they run super smoothly and the camera is super good. I would say Apple phones are also better because they are simple and not so difficult like Samsungs. I absolutely hate Samsung devices because they are slow, difficult to use, and the camera quality looks like you took a picture with a brick. They are absolute trash.” 

There are over 728 million Apple iPhone users and over 2 billion Samsung users. Samsung’s are more affordable but less durable as opposed to the Apple iPhone. Samsung has been the best-selling smartphone brand since the year of 2011. Samsung is most recently known for their big screen sizes and their 5G data plan. Samsung also has long lasting battery life to get through the day with you and Apple phones have battery life that lasts a little shorter than the full day. 

Apple is known for their outstanding camera quality and smoothly running system. They also have more security protection than Samsung meaning, your personal information is most likely kept extremely safe. On the other hand, Samsung phones have very little security and the security that they do have is not very stable. There is no bloatware on the Apple phones but there is on the Samsung devices. There are frequent software updates that are quick and easy to get that keep your phone from getting so many bugs and things that need to be fixed on the Apple iPhones. Samsung often has many bug issues and that is another reason why they are known for running slowly. Samsung’s have many cool, unique features that are helpful when doing daily tasks. Samsung’s also have a big screen display that is good for watching movies, YouTube videos, etc. The Samsung phones and devices have mostly OLED screens, which bring out vibrant colors. Apple has mostly LCD screens that are not as vibrant in color and put more strain on the eyes. They also make the battery life on the cell phone go down faster. 

Personally, I like the iPhones more because they have super cool designs and colors along with good security so that I don’t have to stress very much about being hacked or my personal information getting leaked. I have also had a Samsung phone before and it was a Samsung Galaxy, which is the best known Samsung phone. It was a nice phone and I wouldn’t mind going back to one if I absolutely had to. Although, I would not prefer to go back to an android powered phone because I have gotten so used to my iPhone.