Year in Review “Just… A Lot”


2020 has been an eventful year. There has not been a boring moment for the entire 12 months. So much has happened that it is difficult to pinpoint just three major events. However, one event of 2020 that you can’t leave out would have to be the election. This year has been the most hostile and divided the country has been for a while during an election. Even after the election concluded there continued to be more and more drama added on, which leads to more and more news stories. Halfway through the election Trump declared that there was election fraud and he vowed to take the election to the Supreme Court after Joe Biden had been announced as the winner. It seems to have finally come to an end recently though when Donald Trump’s case to overturn the election was rejected by the supreme court, which means, “President Biden” will indeed be a “thing” come January. 

2020 has been a year of great division between Ameicans. A major clash was that of the protests and looting that occurred throughout America and even in foreign countries. Sparked by the killing of George Floyd in late May, protests quickly erupted against racial injustice, police brutality, and demanding justice for his murder. The Black Lives Matter movement quickly overtook the news, the killing of Floyd seemed to be the spark that set off the flame. As more and more killings were brought to light such as the muder of Breonna Taylor, the protests did not slow down in the slightest and still continue as we near the end of the year. There was also looting and vandalism that occurred in many large cities in response to the killings which caused large amounts of controversy. Also, in response to BLM came the phrase All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter which caused an even greater stir among people. This clash between the two sides has caused a great amount of aggravation from both sides and there have been multiple times where the disagreement has resulted in violence. For example, there have been vehicles driven through BLM protests. All in all, the BLM movement and the protests and controversies surrounding it has had a huge impact on 2020

To not mention Covid-19 in a synopsis of 2020 would be a crime, it has by far been the biggest story of 2020 and probably 2019 as well. It has changed the definition of normal and our lives have already been changed so drastically by the virus. The virus has made a huge impact on just about everything. There has been so much news around the subject of Covid-19 you could easily write a 10 page essay about it so I won’t delve too deep into the subject. The most recent news surrounding the virus is the began use of the Pfizer vaccine and the F.D.A. ‘s clearing of it. 


Person of the Year: Donald Trump 

Donald Trump seems to have been in the news just about every day of 2020. Starting the year off with a bang was his impeachment trial which would end with his acquittal in early Ffebruary. Different controversies and news headlines involving Trump would only continue throughout 2020. Many of them involve Covid and his handling of it and his statements on it. Accusation of Trump’s tax evasion was a big story in the news. His appointment of his third supreme court justice in one term shortly before the election was a big story with lots of controversy surrounding it. His accusation of voter fraud and a “stolen election” and the vow to take the election to the Supreme Court was a huge story and his most recent news story would be the rejection of that bid to overthrow the election by the Supreme Court. The previous listed stories are only some of the big and more recent stories of 2020. As a president it is unavoidable to evade being in the news completely, so it makes sense for Donald Trump to have been the subject of some news stories. But no matter how big nor small, or negative or positive the story was, Donald Trump was always in the news somewhere. 


What wasn’t really News in 2020: Kim Jong-un’s Death Rumors

Earlier in 2020 there was news that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un had died, fell into a coma, or was dangerously ill. Many big news outlets such as CNN, TMZ and other news outlets around the world reported that the Supreme Leader had died or was on his deathbed in critical condition. There was talk of his sister taking over his position and many other speculations. The North Korean leader did turn out to be neither dead nor critically ill. This story/rumor began after Kim Jong-Un’s failure to attend  the celebration of “Day of the Sun” where North Korea honors their reverend founder and Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather, Kim II Sung. Rumors somehow led to major news outlets reporting his death or grave state. Overall, it was just an interesting example of how something that is such a big news story can turn out to just be false speculation. 


What is Journalism to Me: 

Journalism, to my understanding at least, is the reporting of facts and news to the public. Although it should be unbiased and free of opinion, it often tends to have both. The subjects can range from sports coverage, to politics, to fashion. Pretty much anything that can be considered news can be written about and considered journalism. It doesn’t really have special meaning to me or anything, I just enjoy writing. Although I also enjoy creative writing and things like that, I like that journalism is just the reporting of facts, and that there’s nothing to interpret or try to understand. You’re just supposed to tell it as it is and inform people while still trying to make the article interesting but also not overdoing it with the sugarcoating and other things. I enjoy writing research papers and I think it’s kind of similar to writing articles, you just get a little bit more freedom. I enjoy that aspect of it.