2020, A Year in Review




The covid vaccine finally it’s here in america the ones that will get it first are going to the ones that work and the old people from the third age later on the rest of all america will get the vaccine, all the american people want the vaccine already because they are scared to get sick from COVID but in the news put that the vaccine can be allergic to the vaccine, and if people is allergic to the vaccine the doctors won’t give the vaccine to them because it can be dangerous for the ones that are allergic.

The vaccine it’s so cold bc they have in dry ice and the temperature that they put the vaccine in is about -70 degrees celsius that super cold that if u don’t wear nothing that can protect you from that temperature the dry ice can stick in your hand and it can hurt you if the dry ice stick your hand, the doctors wear special gloves so it can’t happened nothing if they grab the dry ice. They have the vaccine in dry ice so that it can be stored for a few weeks.


2# Election Day

Trump and Biden were fighting over the election to see who will stay next year in the white house, each one of those 2 that were fighting over the election has to reach the 270 votes the one they get there first will be president next year. Joe biden reach first 270 votes so like he took the win from the election but after Donald Trump defeat trump supporters were protesting saying that it was a rob of votes in georgia the state that make biden win the election, the trump supporters and the president trump were mad saying that there was a rob of votes in georgia the president trump say that he will pay 300,000 of dollars if they count back the votes of georgia and they did it trump pay all the money to count the votes but biden still win georgia because when they count the votes back biden still have the most votes in georgia so there was not rob of votes, the votes were right counted. Even though Trump lost the election he hasn’t given up. He says that after Biden presidential years are expiring Trump says he’s going to do it again because he wants to be president in 2025.  


3# COVID-19 in worlds soccer 

Since COVID-19 started infecting the world sports have been canceled in europe the soccer leagues and bringing just some people to the stadiums same thing with the US soccer league just a little of people goes to see his team play. The professionals soccer players say in his social medias that they miss their fun coming to his stadium and watch them play, Hopefully this virus goes away so that we can bring everything back to the normal, There is not going to be olympic games still this virus goes away the olympics games are one of the favorite things that the world likes to watch. 

COVID-19 have infected some of the superstars he’s is Cristiano Ronaldo one of the players that the world loves so much, after he got COVID he stopped playing for 2 weeks when he stop playing because of that he say that he was feeling okay, the superstart was still working out and train when he was ready to go back with the team. The team got so weak after he got tested positive losing 4 games in a row when he got back to the team he started carrying the team with winning all the games.


Person of the year

The person of the year was Joe Biden because after he won the election he came up in almost all the social media but where they talk more about him is on twitter and the news.


One of the stories that i didn’t really heard about was about the one murder from twin i just heard it for just one day, but i saw in the the news too.


What’s Journalism 

Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. It is also the product of these activities. Journalism can be distinguished from other activities and products by certain identifiable characteristics and practices. These elements not only separate journalism from other forms of communication, they are what make it indispensable to democratic societies. History reveals that the more democratic a society, the more news and information it tends to have.