2020, Year in Review!


Man allegedly attempts to fake his own death. Last year, there was a man who attempted to fake his death, so he wouldn’t be sentenced to jail. He was discovered a couple weeks ago, when someone realized there was a typo on his birth certificate. Marines were rescued from an island. 3 marines were rescued from an island, after a helicopter saw S.O.S written in the sand. They had been missing for 3 days before they were found. People were wrong about the UFO. It was just a superhero. People in India reported seeing a humanoid figure fly by and crash to the ground. They believed it was a UFO or an alien. It turns out that it was actually a balloon shaped like Ironman. 

I picked Patrick Mahomes as the Person of the year. I chose him because he has broken a lot of NFL records, and he has done a lot for the community. According to the GM Report, in the last 3 years he has accomplished the following, “In 31 regular season starts, he holds the mark for highest quarterback rating (108.9), most passing yards (9412), and most passing touchdowns (76). He’s also third in pass completions (724), fourth in completion percentage (65.88%), fifth in team wins (24), and seventh in fewest interceptions (18).” The Mahomies mission is being used to improve children’s lives, and focuses on health, wellness, communities in need of resources, etc.

What was such a big deal about the toilet paper thing. Why did everyone think that we were going to run out of it? I think the toilet paper news was blown way out of proportion. Putting this on the news only caused more chaos and worsened the problem and it just overall wasn’t important news. Also, the metal object found in Utah. I get it is interesting for the first few stories, but after a while it was just getting repetitive. It was most likely just a piece of metal someone just dumped in the desert, I don’t think it was really newsworthy. Also, it probably disappeared because so many people were searching for it because of the news. Someone either found it and took it, or the cops found it so people would stop trespassing to find it. 

Journalism is a way to write facts from multiple different perspectives and to see the world in multiple points of view. For me personally it has informed me on a lot of things I would not have known about without it. I usually don’t care about the news or what’s happening in the world, as long as it doesn’t affect me. Because of journalism, I found out about a lot of really cool things going on in the world.