2020 A Year in Review


2020 News Wrap Up. A lot definitely went on for this year. Many ups and downs with everything. Most of us can agree that a lot of bad happened in only one single year. Many of us can also agree that some type of good happened. A very important thing also happened this year is the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement has been around for some years. The blm movement in 2020 got a lot of attention and many people and also celebrities were posting about the protest and some of them also joined the protests.  

  Highlights, I definitely think the top news stories were the first couple cases of covid in America. Covid was first in China so the virus coming to America pretty quickly scared everyone. The news going over how toilet paper was disappearing from many stores. The Black Lives Matter movement was also a big highlight in 2020. It was talked about all over social media, especially tiktok. Everytime I would open tiktok it would just be videos of people protesting all over the country. 

Person of the year – I think the person of the year was Kobe Bryant. He sadly passed away in the early days of the new year. He was known for playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. His fans, family, and friends were all in shock. Kobe’s daughter Gianna also passed away alongside him. 

Not News – I definitely think that the Kardashians showed up on social media news a lot. Whatever they do it always has to be reported. Also Tik Tok influencer news. Maybe thirteen year olds are really invested in their lives and also some adult people. But I do believe that ¨news¨ about the Kardashians and tiktok people isn’t really some people would care about. Whenever the Kardashian family throws any type of party it is talked about on snapchat and it does get annoying because there is better stuff to talk about. And when tiktokers do anything it is talked about and for what reason. 

What is journalism – I think journalism is when people write stories for a news article or magazine. Journalism is for people that like typing up stories that they find interesting or it is their job. I definitely think its a fun thing to do when you are writing about a story you are passionate about but its very different when it’s something you don’t want to write about because you can’t come up with anything.