2020 A Year in Review

2020 A Year in Review

Some highlights of the year that will always be remembered would be BLM ( Black Lives Matter) protests, the presidential debate, and the global pandemic, coronavirus. All of these things have caused many deaths throughout the world. There were some more highlights of the year that were a big deal for a while but then died down. For example the hornets that were supposedly supposed to come to the USA never did. It was fake news. Another fake news was when everyone thought ww111 was going to happen. It was all just rumours. 

The black lives matter movement would be on the list of highlights this year because so many people have died. I think that movement is honestly pointless and it really just causes more worldwide fear. On december 12, 2020 6 people involved in the blm protest were run over because they wouldn’t move when a man was trying to get to work. The protests are mainly based on police officers who have been in danger so they protect themselves by shooting, sometimes it happens to be black people who get shot but there are valid reasons for the officers actions. For example 2 days ago a 22 year old officer got a call from a woman saying there was someone in her home. When officer Santos got to the home he went in and the suspect was hiding in a room with a sword. He swung at officer santos so in defence he shot him. The suspect died from the wounds but people are trying to make him the victim. This was only one of thousand incidents. 

Next on the list would be the presidential debate. This was about a month ago. Lots of protests were happening with this too. Some of it doesn’t make sense. The biden supporters claim they want to wear masks and social distance until the corona virus gets better but then they go in these huge groups of protests with no desire to social distance. Yes this happens with trump protests as well but most of the trump supporters think it’s their own decision. We shouldn’t have to live in fear for the rest of our lives. If you don’t want to get the virus then don’t go out, it’s common sense. 

Last on the list of highlights would be the worldwide pandemic, coronavirus. The corona virus has been with us since new years 2019. This pandemic has caused so much trouble. Schools getting cancelled worldwide, events not happening, even family events are cancelled. This virus will definitely be remembered forever. Most schools started getting cancelled during spring break. It started with an extra week then it became the rest of the school year. Everyone was happy with it at first then we started to realize it wasn’t going to get better anytime soon. The summer was quarantined, even now some schools are still out. 

Reflecting back I think this journalism class has taught me how to see other people’s side of things. Personally I don’t like to write so I wouldn’t recommend this class unless you like writing. I feel like it has made a big improvement in my writing which is good. Overall this year has been crazy. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for everyone.