Crazy Year in Journalism


Jerome High School- This year in journalism has been an experience. Journalism to me is everything you could possibly want or think it to be. Whether it is the news, opinion pieces or just writing. Personally my favorite things to write in Journalism are opinion pieces because it’s what you think. When writing about things that are news you have to be biased and have to be telling the truth a hundred percent of the time. You could write about anything in the whole world whether its animals, people or even a rock. It could seriously be about anything. We wrote a lot of articles in Journalism our most written about was definitely politics. Whether it was our opinions on the politics or the elections. If you are a writer and like expressing yourself with your words I would highly recommend this class. It could also help you with communication skills because you have to do interviews for your articles. 

The news articles that i think were the most interesting were pieces of politics or COVID-19. These were my most favorites because they are very controversial topics to all people. Like for politics whether you supported the presidential candidate Joe Biden or Donald Trump the elections were the craziest in all history of elections. If you have opinions on either candidate the elections were definitely filled with anxiety. At one point both candidates were right besides each other with their votes. COVID-19 was one of my favorites too because there are so many things with it. It’s crazy to think that right now we’re living through a global pandemic. It’s changed our everyday lives so much like having to wear masks or just being safer with your decisions like who you decide to be around during these hard times. For Jerome we got our first quarantine going into spring break. It’s almost been a year since the first quarantine happened and it’s just getting worse from there. 

One type of news story that I saw that shouldn’t have been news. I’ve seen one about Astronomers looking into an atmosphere of “a planet that shouldn’t exist.” Looking at the atmosphere of the planet and saying it shouldn’t exist just defeats the point. It’s like looking at the earth’s atmosphere and saying that it shouldn’t exist. It had a lot of people just laughing at it and not taking it seriously. That’s one of the things that I like about journalism too. Whatever you put on the media will always come back and will always be in the media. So you have to really think if you want to put things out into the media and try to be the most biased. Like whoever said that the planet shouldn’t exist while looking at the atmosphere of it will probably never get taken seriously ever again. You don’t have to be biased but it could affect anything. 

This year has definitely been a crazy one which really helps journalists. It’s always fun writing about different things. There is always something that everyone wants to write about.