2020 Recap


     This year has been a crazy and hectic year. There were so many things that happened that 


changed so many lives around the world. In journalism, we got to really dig deeper and learn 


about more things that happen in the world, and we got to look at things from a different point of 




     One of the best highlights of journalism this year is when we interviewed Mr. Tracy, the 


principal of Jerome High School and got to learn more things  about his plans and his future 


goals for our school. We got to see how he felt about all the changes we have gone through, we


dug deeper into his feelings about COVID and why he thinks everyone should stay strong in 


these tough times.  


     The next highlight in journalism this year is when we got to know more about our school and 


why we were not going into orange during the COVID pandemic. We got to express our opinion 


on why we thought our school should go into orange this year and got to hear others opinions as 


well on why they thought we should go into orange. 


    Another highlight is when we got to write about why we thought that early release should be 


brought back to JHS. We brought attention to how it might be safer to bring early release back 


during the pandemic, since how we should be spending as much time away from others as 


possible. We got to see other perspectives as well, and got to learn more about the situation. 


    There were a lot of major people on the news, but what started off 2020 was the passing of 


Kobe and Gigi Bryant, they died in a helicopter accident on January 26th, 2020. Our hearts


 went out to family, friends, and the world during this difficult time and honored their memory in 


any way that we could all year. 


      Some of the fake news that we experienced in 2020 was about masks. There were so many 


opinions about masks, like how if you sneeze the liquid from the sneeze would go through the 


mask. I think the fake news of the year is that masks aren’t keeping people safer. If everyone is


 wearing a mask then you are way more protected than if only one person was to wear a mask 


in a group of people. 


   My personal reflection in this year’s journalism class is that it was fun and interesting. I thought 


that it’s cool that I’m allowed to express my opinion with others and also see things from other 


point of views.I thought it was fun that we could pick a story each week and write about it with a 


partner. I had some rough times when trying to complete things and trying to find a story to write 


about during the week,  but I’m happy I got the chance to express my opinion and challenge my 


writing abilities.