Year in Review


The top three highlights of the year that stood out to me were the stories about the current pandemic ( Coronavirus), the presidential election, and the BLM ( Black Lives Matter) protests. The Coronavirus stood out to me because it really took a toll on people’s lives. My grandma even caught the virus and was extremely ill but luckily she is happy and healthy now. The virus cancelled so many events and took so many innocent people’s lives. The presidential election stood out to me because of the outcome that I didn’t expect. It also stood out to me because I am very happy with who the president elect is. And lastly the BLM protests stood out to me because of all the amazing people that went out and preached to protect black lives. These protests meant a lot to me because I personally do stand with the BLM movement and I am all here for it. 

My person of the year is president elect Joe Biden. Joe Biden is my person of the year because he worked so hard to become the proud, and new President of the United States. He is part of the main party that I usually follow with opinion wise, etc. The Democratic party. Joe Biden also was Barack Obama’s vice president so I have grown to like him more and more as the years go on because I like Barack Obama and they have a lot of the same views on things so I am excited for January 20th, 2021. 

“Not News” for me was the fame of Charli Damelio. She is a Tik Toker, not a celebrity. She is cool I will admit that and a super good role model for young girls and boys, but she is overrated. I have seen really good dancers on Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, etc. and they are better than Charli, yet Charli makes millions of dollars of just one platform, Tik Tok. She is a good influence and a good dancer though but she is overrated in my opinion. She has made an impact on many other platforms though and I will give her credit for how hard she worked to get there, but I don’t think she needed all of the hype for over a year. 

My personal reflection on the Journalism class would be that it taught me a lot about many different subjects. It taught me about interesting things going on around the world, etc. I also feel like it made me more knowledgeable when it comes to writing and researching. Journalism helped me understand views that others may have and it made me think about how I could change my views on certain topics or maybe even change other people’s views. Journalism was a good class for me and I wouldn’t mind being in this class again because I feel like it has made a big improvement in my writing especially, but also my thought process when it comes to confusing things.