Bowling During a Pandemic


Jerome High School- This year the Jerome High School, the bowling team gets to play again. There have been changes because of the Coronavirus but their season keeps going. So far this year they have bowled in three tournaments, however, they haven’t placed first yet but that doesn’t stop them. They keep trying and practicing to get better. 

Bowling, which is originally called tenpins, has been played over 7000 years. Of course it has evolved throughout the years to the game it is today. Bowling was discovered in 1930 by an anthropologist named Sir Flinders Petrie. He found a collection of objects in a grave in Egypt which belonged to a child. The collection of objects looked like they were used to bowl with. According to the, “Bowling may be the world’s number one participatory sport with over 100 million people bowling in more than 80 countries. 40% – 50% are women bowlers, many of whom can compete on an equal basis with men.” The top earners of the professional bowlers association (PBA) make 1,509 weekly and 78,500 annually. 

We interviewed a bowler on the Jerome high school’s bowling team, Abbie Bennett, if she thinks some of the bowling tournaments will be canceled because of the Coronavirus. Abbie replied with, “Yes, I do believe tournaments will be cancelled. Corona is spiking up again and we are back at stage two. Were most likely going to have to cancel a tournament.” 

We also interviewed Ben Carlisle, the Jerome high school’s bowling team’s coach. We asked him if the Coronavirus changed anything about the tournament or practices. He responded with, “Practice hasn’t changed much. We still practice Tuesdays and Wednesdays if we don’t have a match that day. A big difference is we don’t have to put the balls away after we practice because the employees at the bowling alley disinfect the balls and the area where we practiced after each session. The competitions are pretty much the same as they were except they don’t allow as many spectators and it took them awhile to get our match and invitational schedules worked out. At the beginning of the season no one was sure if we were going to have a season and if we did what it would look like. When we do compete, we as a team choose to wear masks to not share any germs and to help us not collect any that we don’t already have.” 

Although the Corona virus has cancelled some tournaments, the bowling team still has played in different tournaments. On January 7, 2021, the girls varsity bowling team won first place against Minico. The three girls that won the tournament were Adezra Nelson, Abbie Bennett and Makayla Griner. They also had a girl from the Minico team and another girl from the Burley team but both their scores were under 100. That was the bowling team’s first win of the year. This January 9th both girls varsity and boys varsity are traveling to Pocatello to qualify for state. To qualify for state you have to bowl three games and the girls have to have a 350 total and the boys have to have a 400 total. Good luck to our Jerome high school’s bowling team.