Faculty Member of the Week: Mr. Jay


Jerome High School- Our faculty member of the week is Mr. Jay. Mr. Jay is the Freshman ELA teacher and the Journalism teacher for all grades in the school. We asked Mr. Jay some questions about his job, and what he does when he’s  outside of school life. “ I worked at a Youth Ranch with troubled youth teenagers and I realized I had a talent working with young kids. I like teaching because I’m excited to go to work every morning because it’s a fun job. I love my job because I get to read and study books all day long and I love books and I love words. 

With the current pandemic going on, it has taken a toll on my everyday life and as a teacher, it is hard for me to learn the names of students because with all of these masks. I know their names but with the masks on I can’t tell what their faces look like. Everything is stressful trying to work online, and always trying to keep others and yourself safe. Outside of school I haven’t been doing much to be honest. I hang out with my daughter and I love to spend time with her and I also go to the gym to workout. I was trying to earn my masters degree but I’m no longer trying to work on getting it. 

I chose to teach English and Journalism because again, I love books and everything to do with reading. I also excelled at reading and writing terms in school and I still do today. In highschool, I was always planning on being a Journalist when I grew up, but that plan changed and here we are, I am a high school English teacher instead.” Mr. Jay is a hard working teacher who helps others whenever they need it. He’s very good at his job and is very helpful when we are stuck on something and he explains it to where we understand it a bit better. In the interview we asked him out of all the careers why he chose to teach, he said because he loved working with students and like we mentioned before, it started when he worked at a youth ranch. He had realized that he worked pretty well with children so he decided to become a teacher and now he teaches both Journalism and English. And it’s what he loves to teach and he enjoys his job.