The Musical Made At Home: Ratatouille The Musical


Tik Tok creators made an entire musical, Ratatouille, while being quarantined. 2020 had many impacts on everyone around the world, good and bad. But it also opened up new doors for creativity. A bunch of actors got together, used a new social media platform, Tik Tok, and their creativity, and were able to create an entire musical, all while being at home. Quarantine took a toll on a lot of people, but some people took their boredom and turned it into creativity. They took a made up idea and brought it to life. It’s crazy what people can do when bad things happen. Imagination can turn anything bad into something amazing. The musical was able to raise 1 million dollars for The Actors Fund, and brought smiles to a lot of faces. This musical brought a lot of happiness to the bad year of 2020. The idea was sparked from a random tik tok creator, and was brought completely to life on this new social media platform. People brought it to life all because they shared the same love for the original film. It was surprisingly a great show for how it was put together. 

They created the show by taking a bunch of creators on tik tok and combining their videos to make a musical full of nostalgia for each of the viewers. The well-known Wayne Brady played as one of the main characters, Remi’s dad. The actors go through the life of Remi the rat all while at home. Most of the actors made their video pieces at home by themselves. That just tells you how far technology has come. We are able to make an entire musical all while being in the comfort of our own homes, and make a surprisingly good show. Usually Tik Tok videos have pretty bad special effects and look pretty bad, but it was pleasantly surprising to many at how good it was. This goes to show the ability we have to work together even though we aren’t physically together. The people who put this show together really made a great musical for the resources they had. The scenes they had to do where the actors had to be in the same room weren’t that great because they weren’t actually in the same room, but the improvisation was really great, and didn’t make it a bad show. It just wasn’t as great as it could have been if the actors could have actually been in the same room. But, people wanted to make it to help people through this hard time and put a smile on peoples faces, and they definitely succeeded. The casting fit the characters perfectly and the actors did a wonderful job at being their characters. It would be amazing to see this as an actual musical on Broadway as soon as the quarantine restrictions are lifted.