The Return From Christmas Break


New year, new you, delayed new semester. With the end of the 2-week Christmas break many students and faculty members are slowly getting used to having to wake up early. And with the EOC’s coming up all JHS students are forced to relearn the same material they learned the past 5 months. With all this happening one can easily tell the exhaustion, even the frustration, of the stressing students of having to deal with stuff the teachers give these youngsters. The good thing, that gives hope to all students, is that now 4 months are left of the school year. 

With the end of the break several stories have been shared among the people of JHS. Among them, Cergio Peralta, a Junior, said, “I spent my time with my family. We even went to the mall at Twin [Falls], even though it was packed.” A good handful spent their Christmas break just laying down and relaxing, like Tyreke Arvizu, “I just stayed home and played video games.” For the athletes, however, the last 2 weeks were sweaty, tiring and painful. Wrestlers, basketball and soccer football players had to attend to their practices early in the morning or late in the afternoon, or both. On the teacher’s side Christmas break was also a nice time to relax and spend time with family and friends, like Mr. Sid Gambles, US History teacher, who shared to his 1st Hour class that he went over to Georgia to visit his sister.