Ask Alex!


So I don’t know about this, but what is the easiest way to ask someone out without making a fool of myself?

Dear Jerome High School Student, 

I’m going to be honest, there really isn’t a good way to ask someone else unless you know that they like you back. If you don’t know the best thing to do is to be straightforward. Just straight up say “I really like you and wanted to know if you want to (be my significant other or go out on a date with me) Either works. If you ask them on a date, take them on a date. Don’t ask them on a date then not do so.  If they say no, just thank them and walk away. It’s the best thing you can do in that situation, if they say yes, the best thing to say is whatever you think is best. They said yes because they like you for who you put yourself out to be so react how you would normally in that circumstance. If it’s a dorky or quirky response then that’s what it is. If they don’t like that, you guys weren’t meant in the first place. Dating or having a significant other is fun, but it’s also difficult. You guys will go through a lot but that’s a part of dating, going through the thick and thin of each other’s life and being able to come out still managing and surviving. 

-Sincerely Darth Vader 


How do you help your mom out when they are mad

Dear Stranger, 

In most cases there is really nothing you can do, when she’s mad it’s best to keep your distance but not enough to make her worse. Be there if she needs you, to do the dishes or take care of your younger siblings if you have them. When Mom’s are mad it can be difficult to understand why because they may not be in a talking mood, so just ask her if she needs anything to eat or drink and leave it at that. Be there for her when she needs you, help make dinner or make a kind gesture. That way she will know that you are there if she needs you. Parents tend to not go to their kids about their issues, they’ll go to significant others or one of their friends or to their parents if need be. Just let them know you are there for them through anything, and they will do the rest. They are used to helping you not the other way around, they are supposed to be the parent, they are supposed to be there for you.  They aren’t used to having someone younger than themselves helping them, so it may be hard for you to help them but as long as you are there for them and help them when they need it. 

-Peace love and Coffee, 

A friendship of mine was really strong in the beginning but as of now it really isn’t. Like just toxic at this point she always makes me feel worse about myself and she never backs me up whenever someone is talking bad on my name if she contributes and says it’s no big deal. How do you think i could handle this, I’ve talked to her many times about it but she doesn’t seem to care. 

Dear sentimental cookie

I would leave her, you don’t need toxic people or friendships in your life. They are going to hurt you and make you feel worse than they already are. Friends come and go, I can guarantee you that you will find someone just as good and her or even better to be in your life. If she can’t love you for who you are or who you put yourself out to be, then she shouldn’t be in your life. People like that can change you. Turn you into someone who is not a good person and who will hurt many people like she hurt you. You don’t want to hurt people, you will end up alone and hurting more than you were in the first place. It can be hard to let go of those people who you have had in our lives for so long. You want them to stay because they once made you happy and you want them to continue to be a part of your happiness. It can be hard but at the end of the day letting them go will be better than keeping them in your life and you letting them hurt you and destroy the good person you are. 

-Sugar, spice and everything nice

My family wants me to do a sport I don’t want to do. What should I say to convince them otherwise? 

Dear Music Appreciator, 

Sit down and have a conversation with them. Explain to them why you don’t want to do this sport. Explain the pros and cons of the sport. At the end of the day your parents are trying to do what they think is best for you. If you can explain why playing this sport is not what’s best for you then you can convince them to not want you to play this sport.

If your parents are hard to convince then try a different approach, still try to explain why you don’t want to do this sport. If that doesn’t work, try to reason with them. For example you could tell them “I’ll try out *insert sport name* for a little bit and if i don’t like it i’ll try something else.” In other circumstances you may have to try out for this sport you could flunk the tryouts and not make it but first i would try to reason with your parents and/or convince them otherwise. You can try multiple different sports including the sport your parents want you to play. You may find that you really like that sport or a different sport that you tried out. Show your parents that the sport they want you to try out for is not good for you but maybe something else. A different sport or extracurricular. 

-Long live music!