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Lori Vallow is currently arrested for the murder of 7 year old Joshua Vallow and 17 year old Tylee Ryan. In 2001 Lori married Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr. the father of her victim Tylee Ryan. In 2006, Lori had married her 4th husband named Leland Charles Anthony. The two had adopted one of Lori’s victims, Joshua Jaxon “JJ”. He was the biological grandson of Charles’ sister Kay Woodcock.  

In 2019 Lori Vallow’s brother murdered Charles Anthony. Lori Vallow had filed a divorce because she feared that she might kill him and she developed cult like beliefs. At the time the family was living in Phoenix, Arizona. Lori’s brother had shot Charles claiming it was in self defense after he came at him with a baseball bat. 

 Lori moved to Idaho with JJ and Kylee into an apartment in Rexburg, they spent a lot of time with Chad Daybell, at this time Chad was married to Tammy Daybell. Tammy passed away supposedly by natural causes. People suspected Lori killed her to get married to Tammy’s husband in October 2019 but an autopsy was never performed. Two weeks later Lori and Chad had gotten married in Hawaii. This caught the attention of police officers because the autopsy of Tammy hadn’t even been released yet.

Tylee was last seen in September of 2019 headed to Yellowstone with Lori and other family members, JJ was last seen by police almost a week later. JJ’s grandparents have been worried for the kids because the phone calls they normally got from JJ had suddenly stopped. They said that Lori would refuse to tell them why JJ was never available to talk to them.

In November of 2019 JJ’s grandparents asked Rexburg police to check on both children. When they arrived to question Lori, she said that both her and Chad had lied about the children’s whereabouts. The police returned the next day and Lori and Chad were gone. Police searched Chad Daybell’s home on January 3rd in connection of the death of his first wife and removed more than 40 items including computer equipment.

Days later JJ’s grandparents raised a $20,000 reward for any information that lead to the kids.

In January of 2020 Investigators searched Arizona and Utah, eventually they were found in Hawaii. A judge had ordered Lori to bring the children to make sure they were safe but she refused to cooperate.

On June 10th 2020, authorities found human remains at Chad’s home in Idaho that were linked to the disappearance of the children.