Student of the Week: Juana Nolasco


Jerome High School- The student of the week definitely is a role model to others in being a kind person who helps those that need it. Juana  Nolasco is that kind person who is willing to help those. She is an outstanding student at our Jerome High School. We asked her what she likes to do in the future and she said she wants to travel so that she can learn from the places and she would also be a photographer. Being a photographer is one thing that makes her happy and it’s what she would want to be in the future. Juana says “I want to finish school so that I can find a job and help my parents out.” She says this because her parents work hard for her and she would like to work for them when they no longer can. 

Juana says “You shouldn’t give up on your dreams and try your best to accomplish your dreams. It won’t be easy but you have to keep trying your best to get to where you want to go.” She is committed to do her best in school and takes responsibility for her actions. She is a very kind and sweet person to others and she also likes helping others. Being kind is part of Being kind is part of who she is and it’s how she treats others with respect and she doesn’t draw attention to herself, but does what she needs to do. She participates in class and does a nice job with her work always turns in work on time.  Juana sets a quiet example for others to follow.  She also likes to volunteer and help others.