Love Triangle Drama


There is a Triangle of drama in between three people, Joshua Bassett, Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo.   This all started about a week ago when Oliva and Joshua were dating, but a big event happened which broke them up. Joshua moved on and got with Sabrina while Olivia wrote a song about them expressing how she felt. This got many people upset and they did not know what side to choose. There were many songs released having different meanings to them. In Olivas song “ Drivers License ” she was referring to Sabrina meaning that she is the blonde girl and that she is a few more years older than her. 

Joshua Bassett dropped a song called “ Lie, Lie, Lie” which was released on January 14, 2021. Sabriana also dropped a song called “Skin” and it was a reference to Olivia’s song single. Sabrina replied with “ is really just one of those things where you have to kind of do it for yourself at the end of the day, And do it in the hope of someone can find inspiration in the message. At the end of the day the more I dance around the subject the less people kind of understand, Where I’m coming from. Not the goal is to get them to understand, because I don’t think at the end of the day you’re ever going to accomplish that.” 

Based on what fans have claimed Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo have dated in 2020 but neither of them have confirmed that they were more than friends. People spotted Bassett and Carpenter at a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles. Joshua or Sabrina have not publicly confirmed their romance. Although any of their followers have seen videos of them wearing matching costumes in October 2020. Joshua said “ I was hopelessly falling in love with a close friend, who was in a relationship with someone else”. 

A student who asked to remain anonymous from Jerome High School said “ I think Joshua is just a jerk and Olivia is overreacting to everything. This would have never started if they would have just kept it a secret and let it  out into the world.” There is going to be more things going on if they keep releasing songs about them and then expressing their feelings.