Inauguration Over, but Homicide Rates Increase


January 20th was Inauguration day for new President, Joe Biden. Since then, homicide rates in America have increased drastically. So far in the 17 days since the Inauguration there have been 11 and a half deaths, and maybe more. Is the new presidency causing people to go out of control?

January 24th, Raymond Childs iii, 17 year old, black male, killed his family in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was charged with 6 counts of murder, 1 count of attempted, and 1 count of using a handgun without a license on Thursday, January 28th. reported that Saturday, the day before the murders, Childs was with his girlfriend (who’s name is unknown at this time). She claims that Childs had gotten a call from his dad saying to come home. Childs reportedly didn’t return back to his girlfriend’s place until 2-3 a.m., she claims that Childs was very upset because his dad had kicked him out of the home. 30 minutes after his return, the girlfriend says she had gotten the alert about a shooting near the Childs’s residents. 

Police have said that Childs killed his mother and father, and his siblings. However, his youngest brother, aged 15, was able to escape the home after being shot in the arm and the leg. He has come out and said that the last thing his father had said to Raymond Childs was, “I love you,” before being shot. It is also said that Raymond had killed his brother’s 9-month pregnant girlfriend. 

Because of his age, Childs will be tried as an adult. For each murder he could be facing 45-60 years in prison, and for the attempted murder he could be facing 20-40 years on top. All-in-all, Raymond Childs iii will most likely be facing life in prison for the murder of his father, mother, 2 of his younger siblings, the girlfriend, and the child inside of her. 

January 25th, Raymond Weber, a 29 year old, black male, live streamed himself killing two females whose names are still unknown. There is still some information being withheld, but there is still plenty of information to talk about, the latest update of the case was January 30th. Solano County, California, Weber kills two women aged 27 and 15 in a military housing complex known as Rocky Hills Apartments. Police, SWAT, and a negotiation team were all called in. Once the negotiation team was unsuccessful in persuading Weber to come out of the building, police evacuated nearby units, and SWAT went in. They used chemical and distraction devices, and eventually a taser was used to bring Weber down and into custody. After everything was said and done, police figured it to be an 8-hour standoff. 

Little is known about Weber, but reported that Weber is supposedly an Army Veteran, however not on active duty at the time. He has no ties to Travis Air Force Base. Also, apparently, this isn’t Weber’s first go-round with the law, it has been reported that Weber has a criminal record. Most of which started around the age of 19. 

Unfortunately, in Kansas City, Missouri there have been several murders in January. The most recent ones were Charles Blakey, age 38. He was killed January 26th, he was found shot to death in his car.  Shi’on Kendall-Hodge, age 20. He was killed in a shooting on January 28th. Finally, Rontez Stephens, age 29. Hardly anything is known about his case. All that is known is, he was found dead by gunshot in a neighborhood intersection on January 30th. All of these cases are still under investigation and are constantly updated. Go to for more information on these cases. 

While researching and writing this, another shooting case came up. A couple in Ada County, Idaho were found dead by gunshot wounds, February 2nd. Boise city police are saying that the community is not in any danger and they are not looking for any suspects. There are many speculations as to why, a very popular theory is a murder-suicide. However, nothing has been revealed. For more information go to