The Rising Popularity of Goldendoodles & Labradoodles and Which One is Better for You Family


The designer breeds goldendoodle & labradoodle are breeds that are constantly rising in popularity. but both dogs have their perks and their flaws. In my opinion I think goldendoodles are the best choice but labradoodles are a good choice. But the dig question is which one is best for your family. A lot of families are looking for a dog that won’t be too aggressive and the 2 dogs that just named are perfect for that but which one is better?


The goldendoodles are great with kids but they also have their flaws. This dog kind of dog can be very clingy if not handled properly. If you stay home for a long period of time, like if you stay with the puppy all day with a puppy for a month and you all of a sudden start staying away for long periods of time then the puppy will not be happy. These  dogs if left alone without being trained right are prone to having panic attacks and if they really start freaking out they will start to dig up your carpet and tile., so if you are planning on getting this kind of dog, try training them. To be ok by yourself.


On that note there are also some good things about goldendoodles. The first thing is they are one of the smartest dogs in the world. It is the 4th smartest dog. If you are looking for a dog that is easy to train and is loving, the goldendoodles are for you. The golden doodle isn’t just smart they are also hypoallergenic, that means they don’t shed or have a lot of dander. So if you have kids that have an allergy to dogs then the goldendoodle is also good for you. So if you are willing to either stay home with it or train so you don’t need to then the goldendoodle is an amazing dog.


Although the goldendoodle has some competition, which is the labradoodle. The labradoodle is another amazing dog but like the goldendoodle they also have their flaws. These dogs more often than not are going to be really energetic so if you have littles at home I would suggest against this dog. Also what comes with having an energetic dog comes with a lot of time playing and can’t be left home for long periods of time. Also like the goldendoodle they have a habit of ripping up carpet and tile.


The labradoodle also has it good to. Like being energetic is not necessarily a bad thing if you have an older kid that can be a great way to get them active. They also are hypoallergenic. With that side of them is a poodle.


 The flaw between both of them is they are both the most winpest dogs ever, if you are looking for a guard dog then both of these dogs are not for you. These dogs are lovers not fighters. They would do anything to get your attention or your love, but in my opinion I think goldendoodles are the best for your family. I think good just outweighs the bad and for the labradoodle is the opusit, the bad outweighs  the good. So if you are looking for a dog then I just gave you a whole lot of reasons to get a really amazing one, the goldendoodle.