New series on Netflix Called “Wednesday Addams”

New series on Netflix Called

Wednesday Addams is  featured on netflix and it was made by Tim Burton. Tim Burton is known for many other movies that he has made. The first season of Wednesday Addams will be only 8 episodes long. They were going to make this back in 2010 but then scrapped it and then Tim wanted to make this one now. This was just released onto netflix just 6 days ago on    February 17,2021.


The character will be focused on Tims recent Adams Family film. Wednesday is the only girl besides her mother in the Adams Family filmed. Why isnt Tim writing about everyone in the Adams Family film why did he all of a sudden give Wednesday the name of the movie. Tim must have decided that it may be easier to write about one of the family members. Tim may write about the others as well but a small part about each of them in every episode that is going to be made.

Wednesday is going to be Chistina  Ricci. She has played as Wednesday in the older Adams Family movies. The new person role playing as wednesday is Chloë Grace Moretz she began acting as a child with the early role in the supernatural horror. She has role played in 7 other t.v