Faculty in the Weight Room


Jerome high school has amazing teachers that after school they go to the weight room. These teachers are Mr. Fernandez, Officer Canble, Mr. Jay, Mr. Rogers, and Coach Jackson. They all go and work out in the weight room after school or later in the afternoon. Most of the teachers said they worked out for one to two hours a day after school. These teachers motivate one another as much as they can. They would also love to have new people around to have fun and work out together.    

Mr Fernandez is one out of many teachers that work out at the weight room. He does all of this to stay in shape and just be healthy. He does this after school and starts around 4pm and goes for one to two hours. He likes to have a good time and just enjoy what he can when he goes there. Mr. Fernandez is very cool and gets along with everyone that he can. Whenever someone asks him for help and something he tries to make everything easy for you to understand and do it right.

Another of the teachers that goes and works out is Mr. Rogers. His goal is probably a little different from the others but it’s a good one, and it’s to get as strong as he possibly can. He said that it was also like therapy for him but he likes how other teachers motivate him to go as much as he can. Mr. Rogers likes to have a great time with others but he loves the conversations he has with the other teachers or even students.  He enjoys getting to know people around him better and just make new friends. 

Mr. Jurgensmier also known as Mr Jay the journalism teacher and one of the english teachers in the school. Six years ago he was overweight and depressed, but he started exercising and he lost weight. While he exercises it relieves his stress and makes him feel better. He feels good afterward but one thing he does is joke around and make new friends. Mr. Jay works out 6 days a week and one or two hours a day.  

Mr Jackson is the coach for the High schools football team and he also coaches the wrestling team in the middle school.  He’s been teaching for 3 years and is a positive and a good example for other kids. His working out schedule is at least 30 minutes and tries for 2 hours or twice a day. 

These teachers are awesome and they love to have a good time. They all have different routines and different schedules but most of them are there after school working out. One good awesome amazing thing about everyone is that they are always there for each other. They motivate each other and help one another improve on something they need to work on. Everyone has a great time and they work out with heavy metal music. Everyone is welcome to go work out with the teachers and students that go there after school.