Covid-19 Overcrowding Hospitals

Covid-19 Overcrowding Hospitals

United States- Across the United States this past week some hospitals have been overcrowding with Covid-19 patients. According to NPR, the states with the highest stress level caused by the overcrowding is Georgia with a 39% stress level. That’s the highest number so far. Then the list goes on to California with 35%, New York with 27%, Maryland and Texas with 26% and Arizona with 22%. There are also many states that are at 0% stress level too. Those states are Illonois, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming. 

NPR also states that, “More than 100 million infections have been reported worldwide, and the death toll is above 2 million.” The exact number of Coronavirus cases is 112,039,935 and the number of deaths is now 2,484,991. The United States has the most Coronavirus cases and deaths now. Currently the United States has 28,261,595 cases and 502,660 deaths. 

We interviewed Mackenzie Prentice, a Freshman at Jerome High School, and was asked how she felt about the overcrowding hospitals. She responded with, “It’s not very helpful because others need the hospital for more important emergencies.” We also asked her how she thinks this will affect hospitals run/operate in the future. Mackenzie’s response was, “We’ll need bigger hospitals and/or produce more of what the Coronavirus patients need to help move things faster at the hospitals.”

According to 11Alive, it states that, “Hospitals outside of Atlanta are full, and more than 40% of the patients in places like Cobb, Douglas, and north Georgia, are there becasue of Covid-19.” Chad Black, who is the chairman of the Georgia EMS Association said, ”Really, almost every other call is Covid or Covid-related signs and symptoms for the patient.” 

Even though the United States is number one for Coronavirus cases, there is still hope. Continue to wear your mask and keep your distance from others.