Jerome Covid Cases Going Down


Jerome, Idaho- Recently in Jerome Covid cases have gone down dramatically. Last year in November Jerome had an average case number of 53 cases a day. Covid cases have dramatically decreased in number since. Now here in Jerome we are reporting around 1-3 new cases everyday. Residents of Jerome are ecstatic to find that the numbers are going down; lets just hope they can stay this way.

Here at JHS Covid has been a big problem. In the beginning of school JHS had a problem with sending an absurd amount of students home. The students were getting sent home because they were exposed to the virus. Lainie Shropshire states, “The COVID cases affected me by having to stay away from people which was hard for social people like me who need people to be around and to rely on. I found it super stressful with the amount of schoolwork we were given and not being able to socialize for so long with people we love. I think COVID has had a negative affect on people of all ages but especially the teens who are living through this hard time”. 

Teens have been claiming that it has been hard to do school when they kept getting quarantined. In the beginning of the school year students were getting sent home manyat a time. The students had a hard time keeping up with their work and were falling behind; later resulting in poor grades. Now as of February 23, 2021 Covid cases have eased up at JHS. There haven’t been many students quarantined now and the students are doing better at their schoolwork. 

Now the real question is whether or not we will still have to wear masks after the numbers have dropped. Sophomore Kassi Weston states, “I do believe that the COVID cases are dropping, but I don’t think it has anything to do with masks. I think that the masks were pointless and that the real reason COVID cases are dropping is because of the vaccine and people’s bodies are starting to get used to the COVID virus.”. She makes a point; how much did the masks actually do? Some people agree that the mask mandate should be dropped because of how the numbers are. They are debating how effective the masks are.

 This is a valid point but some people think differently. Some people think that if we drop the mask mandate. People are worried that if the masks are gone then the numbers are going to shoot up again. While this is a valid point the Covid numbers have dropped from 53 a day to 1-3 cases a day. So the mask mandate is not helping if there is no Covid to spread. People have a  right to be cautious but the numbers have gone way down. So yes, use hand sanitizer, wash your hands, and wear masks.