The Flash Season 7


The TV series “The Flash” is always rising in popularity, but some of the fans are worried that they may be overdoing the show. During the show the flash has lost his speed 2 and almost 3 times at one point. People are worried that they are running out of ideas, pun intended, but still the show is good but what’s going to happen when the fans start getting mad that they are repeating some stuff.

Some people think that the show is actually going great and can still keep going, in my opinion I do agree with them. The show may be repeating some things in the earlier seasons, but they are doing it in new existing ways. Yes he has lost his speed already and he is losing it again but in a different way that can add to the story in a different way. 

The Flash is also one in many shows that connect like the Arrow and Supergirl, but a lot of the shows are ending except the flash, the Flash might actually be renewed for a 8 and 9 season and the 7 hasn’t even come out yet. Some people think that the flash show will become one of the longest ongoing tv shows in DC. It is almost sure that there is going to be an 8 season and the longest show right now is the Arrow with 8 seasons.

Even though the show is really popular and has a lot of seasons that might be on the way some people are very skeptical about how the Flash’s new seasons are going to do. The Flash, with all its seasons has been able to keep it from getting out of hand to where people don’t want to watch it, but some of the fans are worried that these upcoming seasons are going to throw it off the edge. Since the show is seen repeating things that have already happened before they are scared that the show is running out of ideas. Even though the show is doing what they can to make the season as unique to the season as possible, the fact that the Flash has lost his speed twice is kinda making the audience wonder how much longer the show has.

A Freshmen Kaili Sandridge says, “I think it’ll be good if they find a bigger villain like zoom or Salvatar again, but they can’t just redo the other seasons”. I agree with Kaili, they are kind of redoing certain things with the seasons. They need a bigger villain to make the episodes more interesting. The Flash has been going on for a while now, but it is up to you if you think the show is overdone or not.