Exorcism Didn’t Work


According to CBS News a nine year old girl dies after being caned during an exorcism in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka police arrested two people in a small town around 25 miles northwest of the capital, Colombo. They found two suspects and one of the suspects was the girl’s mother, and the other was the woman who performed the exorcist.This happened because the mother believed that her daughter was possessed by a demon and is the reason she did the ritual so the spirit could go away. The police spokesperson Ajth Rohana said that she was drowned in oil and then beat up by a cane where the little girl lost consciousness. They took her to the hospital but it was too late and she didn’t make it. 

Rohana was investigating whether or not the woman who performed the ritual on the little girl had gone to anyone one else in the past. She urged the public to be very careful about services because the little girl was not the first one to die.The girl was known in the area for offering such services in recent months and police were investigating whether she was abused.