Californians Moving to Idaho


Boise Idaho- Millennials say that Idaho is a better place to live in than California and 3 of them explain why they moved to Boise Idaho. Boise has been named to be the “best place for a millennial to live in the U.S.”According to BusinessInsider. Millennials find that the cost to live in Boise and many other places in Idaho, is much more affordable than trying to keep up in California. According to BusinessInsider, we should all just “forget New York City and San Francisco”. 

Another main reason as to why it is believed Boise Idaho is a better place to live than somewhere like San Francisco or New York City is because, in bigger states and cities there are high coronavirus numbers and higher chances of coming into contact with the virus. In Idaho, it is much easier to live more leniently and worry-free. Boise was the fastest growing city in the U.S. in 2018, according to Forbes. Over 80,000 people moved to Idaho in just that year and 26% percent of them were moving from California. 

28-year-old Ryan Miller says, In 2015 in California, I had a really good job, I had really good roommates, but still everything was just paycheck to paycheck”. Miller says she then moved to Boise in 2016, and got a job as a manager for the company Jelli. “I feel like I get paid more for what I do here, and I don’t feel like I live paycheck to paycheck anymore and I am more at ease now”. Working at Jelli in Boise allowed Miller to buy her first home with her husband, in March 2019. Miller says, “Being in my late 20’s and buying a house would’ve never happened in California.” 

The median home price in Boise is around $350,000, compared to the Los Angeles home price of $850,000 and $1.3 million in San Francisco. Another millennial resident of Boise, Josh Carter, 37-years-old, says he also moved from California to Idaho, and here is why. Carter says he tried to find a home in San Diego and got denied for all 40 he applied for. He said he would drive at least an hour-and-a-half to his job every day. Josh said he always felt separated from his wife and newborn baby and he never could catch a break from his job back in California. “Once I moved to Boise, I no longer had that feeling of separation from my family and it’s a much more realistic work-life balance culture”.

I am pretty sure that we can all agree that a definite main reason as to why so many Californians are eager to move to Idaho is because the cost of homes and the more job opportunities, just makes it less of a headache and more of a laid back lifestyle. Everyone that BusinessInsider interviewed about which state they recommend more all said that Idaho is less stressful and an easier state to live in than California.