Idaho Cold Cases


Idaho-  After looking at, Idaho has over 52 cold cases. According to, “East Idaho Cold Cases and the Idaho Department of Correction – 52 cold cases in the Gem State. This includes Unsolved murders, missing people, and abducted children.” Missing: 22; Missing Children: 3; Homicides: 20; Unidentified: 1; Wanted: 4;  Suspicious Deaths: 1. Some of the most interesting cases that were found were the cases of Mark Carlson, Michael Davis, Cindy Bringhurst, Bruce and Lynn Peeples, Tonya Teske, Thomas Sherwood, and Zackery Brewer. 

Forty-year old, Mark Carlson went on a hunting trip with a buddy on Oct. 20th, 1974. “‘Mark met somebody up there that he knew. Mark never would have gone alone because he knew he wasn’t supposed to,’ says Mark’s sister Connie Sheldon. Sheldon says Mark went to the flat with someone from his work.” Oct. 22nd, 1974, Carlson was found dead with a gunshot wound to the stomach. His rifle wasn’t near his body when he was found, it wasn’t until two years later when the rifle was found about a mile away from where the body was found. Carlson wore a hunting jacket that day, but it wasn’t on his body. The coat still hasn’t been found to this day. “By all accounts Mark was an upstanding young man. He worked at the Downtowner Motel in Boise, and coached Little League, and just bought his first car: a blue Mustang.” All information about this case was found on

Three month old Michael Davis is Idaho’s youngest Cold Case victim. He was found February 7th, 1979 dead from a massive skull fracture. His mother is not being looked at as a suspect, however police do have a person of interest, but more evidence is needed. All information about this case was found on Idaho’s Cold Case Files’ Facebook page. 

Fourteen-year old Cindy Bringhurst was babysitting the night of June 4th, 1983. She vanished sometime that night and about a month later, was found dead partially submerged.  “The woman, whose 2-year old daughter Cindy was caring for, worked at the Oasis Bar . The woman’s purse and keys were stolen the same night that Cindy disappeared. Her name was not released, but the woman reported to investigators that she spoke to Cindy at 11:45 p.m., but returned home two hours later to find the door unlocked, the television on and Cindy missing. The toddler, sleeping in a crib in an adjacent room, was unharmed. The woman also called Cindy’s parents after finding her gone.”

The family had called in a physic from California but had no luck in locating Bringhurst.  “However, when a Blackfoot woman called claiming to have a psychic connection to the case, Pocatello Police Captain Terry Felsman didn’t discount her. ‘I went to Blackfoot and met with her,” Felsman said. “She was an elderly woman and was on oxygen. She said she didn’t want any money, she just wanted to help if she could. She took us within 25 yards of where Cindy’s body was found.’” When the body was found, most of the evidence had been washed away, so detectives couldn’t tell if she was killed in that location, or if she had been dragged there. All information about this case was found at

Married couple, Bruce and Lynn Peeples were Pawn Shop owners in Grangeville, Idaho. On April 1st of 1994, the two were found dead. The cause of death was strangulation. They were found dead in their home, on April 2nd after the Fire Department responded to a call about a burning home. The Peeples home had been set on fire, on purpose by whomever killed the couple. Police have said that the fire was started in two different locations in the home. The Pawn shop that the couple had owned, had also been set on fire on purpose on November 18th, 1994. All information on the case was found on

Eighteen-year old Tonya Teske tended to hitch rides with truckers until “finally thumbed a ride with the wrong guy.” She was found August 15th, 1997 dead and naked on Highway 20, on ramp Uconn, Idaho. She was originally from Wyoming and hadn’t been heard from since January ‘97. A few days before her death, Teske was questioned by police. She was suspected of soliciting truckers. Detectives think she may have been a victim of the Great Basin Serial Killer. All information on the case was found on and

Idaho Fall’s 41 year old Thomas Sherwood’s death was initially suspected as a suicide, but after further investigation, detective has found that Sherwood’s killer made the scene look like a suicide. He was found dead by two gunshot wounds on September 3rd, 2000. Police say it was two gunshots from 8ft away, and two different locations. There is a suspect from Pocatello, but there isn’t enough evidence to convict them. 

Sixteen-year old Zackery Lee Brewer had gone missing from his mother’s home in Nampa, Idaho on August 22nd, 2009. “Zackery disappeared from his home Nampa, Idaho on August 22, 2009. He went to his mother’s home shortly after midnight and seemed worried about something, but walked away again without telling her what was bothering him. He has never been seen again. Zackery had stayed with a family friend, Javier Guillen Aguilar, for several months prior to his disappearance. A photo of Aguilar is posted with this case summary. In July 2009, a month before Zackery went missing, Aguilar was charged with three counts of lewd conduct on a child under sixteen; his victims were three young boys between six and ten, who were abused between 2000 and 2005. Zackery had provided the police with evidence against Aguilar, and a material witness warrant was issued for him in February 2010, but the police were never able to locate him. Later in 2010, Aguilar was convicted of the charges against him and sentenced to twenty-one years in prison. He was active in youth sports in the local area, and authorities believe he had at least three or four other victims besides the ones he was convicted of assaulting. He died in prison in 2014. Authorities believe Zackery left of his own accord, but because no one has seen or heard from him since the day of his disappearance, there is concern for his safety. His disappearance remains unsolved.” All information on this case was found on