Jerome’s Got Talent: Coby Hernandez


For the first Jerome’s Got Talent, I wanted to recognize Coby Hernandez for being able to do a handstand for 1 minute and 12 seconds. Although it may not seem like the most amazing feat, I believe that there is much more to Coby than his handstand. 

Hernandez wants a career in fashion designing. He doesn’t have a specific brand he wants to work for, but he’s sure he wants a creative career. Currently Hernandez works for a trucking company. He said his current job is not ideal, but he still keeps working. He did say that it’s difficult managing school and work.

When asked what his favorite part of school was, Hernandez said, “3:15pm.” When questioned further, he said that is stressful and he thinks that the education system doesn’t really account for mental health. He hopes that the school will try to help more with mental health and motivation. “This year was depressing.” said Hernandez.

On a lighter note, Hernadez enjoys painting. He usually doodles but he’ll occasionally sketch on a canvas and paint whatever he’s drawn. He’s been experimenting with realism and he’s also been painting album covers. He also enjoys using oil pastels. Hernandez loves the song “Dancing Queen” by Abba.