Student of the Week- Derek Dilworth


JHS- Derek Dilworth is an amazing student and peer. Derek is an outgoing person and is a super fun person to be around. Derek is always up for an adventure and always has fun stuff to talk about. Derek loves camping and being outside.  Derek is not only adventurous, but he also is a compassionate person. If you know Derek you know that he will never leave you and will always be there for you. He is always helping others around him and always knows the right things to say. Derek is an honors student and participates in multiple sports including track, water polo and swim team. He is outgoing and is never judgmental. Derek does what he wants and never has a second thought on what other people think. 

Lainie Shropsrire says, “Derek is an awesome person! He is always there for you and always has a shoulder for you to lean on when you need it. I have known him for quite a while and I know that if you are looking for someone to hangout with and just talk or make you day then he is the person! He has such a funny personality. He can make you laugh even when you have had the worst day possible. I think that we could all use a Derek in our lives. He knows how to treat people right and respectfully and his friendship with people is very important to him. Overall Derek is an amazing person!”. 

Derek, thank you for everything you do for everyone around you!