Brielle Soreson


Brielle Soreson is a senior here in Jerome High School.We asked Brielle what her high school experience was and she told us that it was pretty fun and love lots of things that she did and is glad she did anything to make her high school experience worth everything. She kept her grades up as much as she could. She did volleyball freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Brielle also did basketball junior year and the sport that she did is softball all 4 years. The last sport she took is track and that was in her senior year. For school hours she did advanced drama and was in the speech team. During the 4 years she has been here she has taken medical Terminology and health occupations this year she decided to take CNA. Some of her favorite things about high school was the social aspect like going to games and participating in spirit things. She has a job at Habit Burger in twin falls and has a fun time. 

During school one thing she loves is taking body D. She has taken that all 4 years and she is number two on the record bored for doing squats. One thing she is doing though is going to college and she is very excited to go there. She is looking forward to going to University of Idaho or University of Nevada in Reno. She’s planning to take Pre Med classes or a bachelor’s degree. Brielle is a very smart and kind student and she has a 3.9 GPA. Brielle had a fun time at Jerome High School and like her experience that she had.