World & National News- Mask Mandates

World & National News- Mask Mandates

U.S.A- States in the U.S are starting to let up on rules. States have started dropping rules, a big one being mask mandates. Mask mandates have been dropped in the following states,  Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. These states have dropped all regulations. The big question going around if this is really a good idea. Is this dangerous? 

One side of the argument says that taking away the regulations is bad. They believe that it is premature to open things back up. Everyone can cause a big breakout for Covid if there are lots of people in an area. They believe that masks should be mandatory and we should be socially distant. The CDC says, “When you wear a mask, you protect others as well as yourself. Masks work best when everyone wears one.”. This means that we should all be wearing a mask to protect us. This is what leads to some people thinking that getting rid of regulations could be a very bad thing. 

Other people think the opposite, JHS, Freshman Savannah Peiffer says, “Dropping the mandate has helped thousands of people. It allows people to go out without worrying about masks or any of that crap. It also helps small businesses open back up that may have shut down during the quarantine period. If you look at the reports, You’ll see that cases have gone down ever since they opened back up. So, I think that Texas opening up is the best thing for them.”

People like Savannah believe that this is a good thing to get rid of the masks and rules. They believe we all need to live our lives and mind our own business. If you want to wear a mask then you still can. If you want to sanitize non-stop then you still can. They think that the rules are giving us more freedom to choose what we want to do to keep ourselves safe. 

There are many opinions on these matters, so do some more research and find your own opinion.