Sports Audience


Many people that have a favorite sports team are not able to go to their game. World health organization limited the seats and how many people can go because of the pandemic going on. Based on an article from CDC they say that Covid cases are really high and it’s a risk for everyone if they do go to sporting events. CDC suggests to stay home and not go and if you do go out don’t gather with people that don’t live with you. They say it’s safer that way and it lowers the risk of more people getting sick. Sports can be watched from home and it could cost less. Being there in person can increase your risk while staying home means you are comfortable, can eat whatever you want and it’s less money. If you really want to go to an event and you’re  tired of staying home there are guidelines that CDC give for you to refuse your risk and the risk of others to not get COVID-19. Some of the guidelines include wearing a mask, staying six feet away from others, avoiding big crowds and washing your hands. CDC and many other people believe it’s best for you and others to stay home and help lower COVID cases. No one should be going to sporting events and everyone should just stay home.