Satan Versus Jesus Shoes



Jerome- This past week, there have been two new shoes that have been super popular lately. The names of the shoes are the “Satan Shoes” and the “Jesus Shoes”. The Satan shoes are about $1,018 and the Jesus shoes are $3,000. According to, the average shoe cost is $75. Men’s shoes cost around $65, while women’s shoes are at an average of $85. The company that created these two shoe types is a Brooklyn-based company called MSCHF. These shoes started getting popular after a rapper named Lil Nas X released his latest song called, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).” Then he revealed that he worked with MSCHF and created the Satan shoes. 

These shoes are a white and blue shoe they are called the Jesus shoes, they’re so comfy they send you straight to heaven. There are also Satan shoes, they’ll drop you down low way below. These shoes claim to be filled with some kind of liquid for the Satan shoes filled with human blood, and the Jesus shoes are filled with holy water. 

According to The Spun, Nike is actually suing MSCHF for making the Satan shoes. The Spun stated that, “The release of the shoe had many calling for boycotts of Nike, under the false idea that the apparel giant was behind the release of the sneakers.” MSCHF claimed that the shoes were “not typical sneakers, but rather individually-numbered works of art.” But before the Satan shoes, MSCHF created the Jesus shoes in 2019. They weren’t as popular then, but now tons of people are starting to buy them. The Satan and Jesus shoes definitely have brought a lot of trouble just for just being shoes.