Sports News- Special Olympic 

Sports News- Special Olympic 


New York- In New York they have announced the Special Olympics that will be going on. These Olympics will be centered around the 2021 summer sports season. Contestants will be competing in basketball, bowling, gymnastics powerlifting, swimming, tennis, track and field and volleyball. The contestants as usual will be competing for the gold, silver, and bronze medals. Thousands of athletes will be competing against each other to win the medals in the event they specialize in. 

On their website, it says, “The Special Olympics says the sports season will offer regular training in eight sports as well as other fitness activities for athletes to train and compete where group practices may not be possible due to pandemic-related restrictions. An eSports competition for athletes and Unified pairs is also included in the season.” 

The athletes are all from different Unified Champion Schools. These Unified Champion Schools are going to compete. They are currently preparing to. There will be a total of around 250 different Unified Champion Schools competing. The Unified Champion School is, “The Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools program is aimed at promoting social inclusion through intentionally planned and implemented activities affecting systems-wide change.”. More information about these schools can be found on their website

Special Olympics New York President & CEO Stacey Hengsterman says the athletes’ and coaches’ health and safety will be a priority for the summer season. So the athletes don’t need to worry about getting sick or catching Covid. The organization looks like it has that well under control. Also, Stacy Hengerman wished the best of luck to the competitors. “Our return to play continues to ensure an opportunity for every athlete to get back in the game, whether they can practice in teams, on their own with their coach, or through export,” she said.

If you enjoy watching sports or just people competing; then you might want to look into watching the Special Olympics this summer.