Student of the Week: Lizbeth Fontes


  Lizbeth is one of the Jerome high school students. She is in 9th grade and so far she has loved the school. She has a hard time this year but she says that it probably happened to everyone because of COVID and other things at home. Her favorite part about school is that she can have some fun and hang out with friends. Her favorite subject is math because it is a challenge for her. Lizabeth likes to be called Liz and she’s very smart. She would like to do and go to more games but she really can’t because of the Covid guideline that there is. She loves the support that they give her and the support that we have in general around the school. Liz likes that whenever she needs help some is always there to help her. Liz has had problems at home but whenever she comes to school she feels safe and a place where she can get distracted and forget everything else. One of her friends named Tatiyana Brown says she is a very great friend to have and she loves how sweet and caring she is. She’s very funny and makes everyone’s day light up a bit. Most of the time she is very quiet and shy but once you get to know her she doesn’t know how to stop talking. Liz tries her best to keep her grades up and be a good student at the Jerome High School. She has many hobbies but one thing she wants and likes to do is skate. Her close friend Valeria Herrera is teaching and helping her learn how to skate. Another hobby that Liz has is drawing or sketching. She likes to draw many things but the one thing she likes to draw is anime. Lizabeth also watches anime and loves the action in it. Lizabeth is a great student at the Jerome High School.