14-Year-Old Stabbed at Wahooz


Wahooz, Meridian ID- On April 11th, a 17-year-old stabbed a juvenile 14-year-old at approximately 6 pm. The suspect fled at 6:30 pm in a dark BMW with 2C license plates. The victim was transported to the hospital immediately after the stabbing of male minor’s side. Wahooz says, “our business will still go on and you won’t need to worry about your safety”.  Meridian police Lt. Brian Caldwell told KTVB, “This is not something that typically happens here. It is a sign of growth in the area, but it’s still an incredibly safe place.”

According to the Idaho Press and community thanked “the media and community members for providing the information that led to this arrest”. The investigation is still known as ongoing and the only other information that we have so far is that the boy is okay, but he is in the hospital currently. 

Now as many of you are probably thinking, “Why are so many children so violent?” and we have a pretty solid answer for this very well- known question. Children often have issues with home life, their own selves, etc etc. Teenagers often release violence upon things and people when the same has been directed towards them. For instance, maybe the 17-year-old suspect had been abused by his parents, teachers, or even schoolmates.

There is still no excuse for the behavior of stabbing anyone or directing violence towards someone, especially at a place that has “family fun” in their motto for their business. But this shouldn’t be accepted at all, it is absolutely absurd. Teen aggression can definitely also be a cause of trauma of some sort such as divorces between parents, a death of a loved one, just discord of any kind can cause kids, especially teenagers to act out because of their crazy hormones. 

Things to help your kids or even yourself on anger issues or violence, is to of course try to keep calm and keep things handled well and as best as you can in any situation that occurs. Listening to music often relaxes the mind and body and is good for your mental health, so listen to some relaxing songs or whatever kind of genre of music that calms you down. Don’t be ashamed if you have this going on in your life, but don’t be proud of it either and try to find the best solution for you, your family, your friends, or whoever it may be that is causing people or things trouble.