Faculty Member of the Week- Mr. Elsonsen 



Jerome High School- The faculty member of the week is Mr. Elsonsen. Mr. Elsonsen is a math teacher.  He is an amazing teacher who is always trying to help his students have fun with math. Math can be frustrating, as we all know but Mr. Elsonsen tries his hardest to make sure his classes understand. If students ever need help he is always willing to help and make the best out of things. Mr. Elsonsen is also lots of fun. He loves to play and joke around with his students. He has a sarcastic personality, which I think is lots of fun. Mr. Elsonsen is loved by his students. Let see what they have to say about him. 

Freshman Lainie Shropshire says, “Mr. Elsonsen, or as we know him, Coach E, is one of my favorite teachers. I think he is one of the best math teachers I have ever really had. He is always ready and open to helping you when you have questions! I am always so excited to go into his class every day because I know that I get to learn something new. Coach E always has a good attitude and I know from experience that playing Uno in his class is not a great way to get on his good side, haha but if you are a happy kid and are willing to learn from him he is one of the best teachers you will have! When I think of Coach E I think of him being a teacher you can go to not only for math but just to smile he always has something to say that can brighten your day! We definitely need more teachers like him at JHS!”.