“I Feel Fantastic” An Uncanny Rabbit Hole

“I Feel Fantastic” An Uncanny Rabbit Hole


“I Feel Fantastic” is a YouTube video from 2009. The video features an animatronic  singing. The uncanny nature of the animatronic has made the video popular among the weird side of YouTube. How did people even find this video? Who made the video, and why?

“I Feel Fantastic” is the only upload on Creepyblog’s channel. The description of the video recounts the myth of the Greek sculpture, Pygmalion. Pygmalion was disgusted with women so he created a bride out of stone. The video description implies that the animatronic featured in the video could be a modern-day version of Pygmalion’s bride.

The creator of the animatronic, has an olda old website displaying his work on her. The website (www.androidworld.com) is pretty primitive as it was made in 2001, but the important part of the website is the music videos you can purchase. These music videos are of the android, Tara, performing songs including “I Feel Fantastic”. 

On androidworld.com it states that “John Bergeron has produced a 15 minute audio/video DVD of his android singing.” This confirms that John Bergeron is the creator of Tara. Why did John create Tara or her music videos? Well, Tara was created to be an android star. On John’s website Tara is described as having an, “ELECTRIC personality.”

There’s even a Facebook page featuring Tara. This Facebook page has a few pictures of the same forest is featured in the original “I Feel Fantastic” video. However, I don’t believe the owner of the Facebook page is the owner of Tara.

First of all, most of the Facebook posts were posted in 2017. The last update from Bergeron’s website was in 2006 and the only way to access his website is from an archive. So, why would Bergeron suddenly post on Facebook after a decade of inactivity? Almost all of the pictures on the John Bergeron Facebook page are from Tara’s music videos, and the description of the pictures are just copy and pasted from John’s website and androidworld.com. There are a few pictures on the Facebook page that weren’t featured in Tara’s music videos, but those photos could’ve been from John’s website. It’s hard to verify if the John Bergeron Facebook page is the creator of Tara, but considering that some descriptions of posts reference John in the third person it’s unlikely they’re the same person.

Tara creeped out many a YouTube viewer. There was even a popular rumor that Creepyblog was a serial killer who made Tara and dressed her up in his victim’s clothes. Crazy, right? No one really knows what happened to Tara or John, but I surely hope that they’re doing fantastic.