Live Action Movies Going Downhill



Jerome- Film industries such as Disney and many others have made many live action movies that aren’t the greatest. Here are a few examples of live action movies that were not received well, such as Lion King, Aladdin and Mulan.  One of the first live action Disney movies was The Jungle Book, which was released on December 25 of 1994. So far there have been 16 different live action movies. 

According to Editorial Rotten Tomatoes, the 2016 live action The Jungle Book has been rated the number one live action movie. Next is Pete’s Dragon, Cinderella, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Mulan, Christopher Robin, Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, Aladdin, Maleficent, The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, 102 Dalmatians and Alice Looking Through Glass. Thoughts are all the live action films that have been made as of late.

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, “The remake of the Lion King slated to be the next live-action Jungle Book, which featured breathtaking visuals alongside a compelling narrative and modernized take on a classic Disney tale.” They also stated that, “And, many who have seen the film, are not impressed, as it currently boasts a 53% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes (one of Disney’s worst critical ever).” 

There have been many complaints about the recent live action films that have been released. People have wanted them to be made to match more closely to the original films, a big example of this is the Lion King. So these are the reasons people aren’t big fans of live action movies, many of them are happilyare a happily ever after, however it’s not a happily ever after for live action films.