Funky Pickles

Funky Pickles


Texas- Border patrol agents in Texas seizes more than $4 Million dollars worth of suspected methamphetamine hidden inside a tractor-trailer carrying “funky pickles,” officials said. Officials say that they conducted a search on the tractor- trailer and found 4, 343, 000 million dollars worth of methamphetamine stuffed inside the produce. 

Honestly if the border patrol wasn’t suspicious about it they could’ve gotten all that meth into the U.S. So, if people have the need to bring it into the states, what do you think kids are doing in schools. How are they hiding things? We decided to interview some teachers and students to ask them  how they feel about the drug problem at Jerome High School. Also, what will be some things we can do to prevent drugs coming into our school. 

The first student we asked was Kassi Weston. Our questions to her was 

  1. How do you think the drug problem at Jerome High School is?
  2. What are some things we can do to prevent drug use at school?

Her response was as follows “ There is a drug problem mainly because all of the cases we have had. I’ve walked in on girls vaping in the bathroom and also doing drugs.  We can have more surprise searches, install vape detectors. Because teachers are telling us there is a vape detector and there isn’t. If we actually install them it will minimize the usage.” We believe that Kassi has a great point, if teachers are telling students that there are detectors for vapes and there really aren’t, that means the administrators are lying to the students and obviously kids don’t care. Kids still do it so, if we actually install them this will help stop usage. 

We continued to ask the same questions but this time we asked admin Stacy Soboka. Her response was as followed. “ I honestly don’t know much about this problem overall except for what I hear in our hallways and see in our bathrooms.  I wish things were different and that I could tell you there are no problems here, but I think we do have too many students trying to vape here and outside of school, and the things I’ve heard as students visit or pass by in the hallway lead me to believe that some students try other drugs outside of school.  It makes me sad to think of the risks these students are taking and the harm they’re doing to their young, healthy minds and bodies. I think if we could promote more education on how harmful and dangerous these drugs can be that we might be able to persuade students to avoid any and all drug use.  Also, letting students know that there are many people available that they can talk to for help and guidance in this area is a huge help!  We have so many caring staff and administrators here, and I think any one of us would be more than willing to help students make better choices in their lives or to get them help if necessary.  Finally, having students available to talk to that are healthy, positive role models in our school would be a great option!  We are one team, one town, one family, and together we can make this a better place for everyone!” 

We believe that Jerome High school is a safe place, but like every school, it has its disadvantages when it comes to drugs. A lot of our student members get caught vaping in the school bathrooms but hopefully there will be a change as soon as possible so that we can make JHS a better place.