There have been many shootings around the world. Shooting can happen at any time and anywhere. Most of the deaths that happen is for a very strong emotion that is going on and if not them they are just unacceptable. When stuff like this happens it causes the family to be angry, sad and have many mixed emotions. There is a kid named Adam Toledo who was shot at 13 years old on March 29 in morning hours. He was killed by a Chicago police officer making a split second decision and shot Adam. The police officer claims that there was a gun at Toledo’s hand and was pointed at him so the police shot him and led him to death. Authorities released a camera footage showing the officer pushing someone and screaming at Adam to put his hands up and him shooting him. After he shot him he tried calling the ambulance and tried doing something to help him.After that film there is a short clip showing a gun behind the fence where Adam was shot. The family was devastated and wondered why someone would do that. There was a 21 year old man that claimed that he was with Toledo before the police arrived. There are still many questions left unanswered and they are going to keep investigating it but authorities say this is unacceptable for anyone to do this. A local police officer in Jerome thinks that nothing is right. This shouldn’t be happening. He believes that police should be protecting and making this right not to be doing wrong. He doesn’t like how it makes other police officers look like they would do that same thing in the situation when they would handle it differently. A student at Jerome High School said that it’s not right that could have been anyone and it scares teens to go out because of their fear to get shot like Adam.